South Coast Sea Urchins is an Australian owned business specialising in the harvesting and processing of sea urchins.

We are known for our quality and freshness and our roe can be seen on the menu of many of the best restaurants in Australia.

All our urchins are selectively hand harvested by experienced divers from the Far South coast of NSW through to Mallacoota and Port Phillip Bay.

Situated at Pambula on the Far South Coast of New South Wales our fully licensed processing facility are ideally located near our pristine dive locations and combine with dedicated teams of experienced processors to deliver to our customers the freshest sea urchin roe possible.

Since being established in 2005 to help combat the ever increasing urchin population, SCSU has become one of Australia’s leading Sea Urchin processors and a major contributor to the regeneration of our shallow reef habitat.

The sea urchin is devastating our shallow reef system. Their sharp teeth and ferocious eating habits have the capacity to strip reefs bare of any vegetation, leaving nothing but an underwater desert, void of any marine life other than urchins. These vast areas are known as urchin barrens.

The urchin barrens are having a major impact on the biodiversity of our reefs and the fisheries that are dependent on them such as abalone and lobster.

Research and our own experience have shown that by reducing urchin densities not only helps the reefs recover but also improves the roe quality. Since we commenced harvesting, we have seen amazing changes to the reef environment. Where urchin barrens once dominated the underwater landscape we are now seeing a flourishing weedy habitat full of life with the return of species such as wrasses, parrot fish, groupers and other weed dwelling fish. The numbers of crustaceans and molluscs dependant on these reef habitats have also increased.

It is important that urchins remain part of the marine ecology and with South Coast Sea Urchins’ passion and commitment to the continued rehabilitation and ongoing maintenance of the reefs ensures that sea urchins will continue to play a part in the oceans eco system and to also be a sustainable and viable fishery.